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Tourist information

The nearest air terminals:

International information for tourists:

Travelling by rail:

The nearest railway stations accessible by international rail services:

  • Szombathely railway station
  • Bécs West-/Südbahnhof
  • Graz Hauptbahnhof

Vasúti menetrend:

Travel by coach:

Bus terminals accessible by international bus lines:

  • Szombathely Bus Terminal
  • Oberwart Bus Terminal
General Information
  • Electric current: 220-volt
  • Travel documents: valid passport, identity card
  • Currency: Forint HUF, EUR 
  • Travel documents: a valid ID card or a valid passport
  • Speed limit within inhabited area: 50 km/h, on roads 90 km/h, on motorways 130 km/h
  • Permitted level of alcohol in blood: 0.0%

Baths, thermal spas located in the area:

Railway lines

ÖBB sncf MÁV Trenitalia DB Bahn CFL

Vas county


Embassy of Great Britain


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