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General diagnostics

First examination:

The first examination, plan treatment of teeth, plan of restorative treatments are free of charge for each patient!

The examination consists of several components:

  • screening for dental condition
  • visual examination with touch and explorers
  • Examination of physical symptoms, intraoral abnormalities. Early detection of of abnormalities contributes to the chances of recovery especially in the case of abnormal solid growths, tumors.
  • Dental tests, dental x-rays, vitality tests, full-mouth X-rays (FMX)
  • Diagnosis, personalised plan
  • Dental cleaning, periodontal maintenance, professional advice, motivation, instruction

Diagnostic pictures

X-ray examination:

X-rays have multiple medical functions. X-ray pictures show the condition of teeth, their health and positioning.
An X-ray picture can show hidden dental decay, interdental caries can be detected early and treated in time. In addition it is done to plan treatment for other restorative procedures (root-canal, fillings). Modern X-ray equipment is safe and uses very little radiation. The equipment used has to meet international standards.
In our office we use bitewing X-rays, periapical X-rays as well as panoramic X-rays providing a broad view of the jaw and teeth to screen for dental condition.
It is also possible to use digital radiography.
This technique positions an electric sensor (instead of an X-ray film) at the area to be examined.An electronic image is then taken and stored in a computer. This image can be viewed immediately on a computer screen. Less radiation (by 90%) is needed to produce an image with digital radiography than with standard dental X-rays.

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